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Meet The Artists

Inspired by their mutual love for the ocean and surfing, husband/wife Mark and Cathy have found a way to pass a piece of their passion onto surfboards that have also spent a lot o time in the water. 

Mark and Cathy are Southern California (Oceanside) residents, and met while surfing. They soon discovered not only their common interest in the sport, but also their appreciation for the beauty of the ocean - from the reflection of the sun shining on the water to the grey clouds creating a quiet peacefulness while sitting on their boards. Glass represents water, so what better way to recapture a moment of this mesmerizing world than by putting it back onto a surfboard?

So, rather than starting small and working big, they started HUGE (retired surfboards as their canvases), and gradually worked to smaller projects (skimboards, skateboards, and much more!) Every piece, whether big or small, is made with pride and precision.



Mark Johnson

As well as his stained glass work, Mark also uses acrylic and oil mediums for his ocean and surfing paintings. Mark also carries that flow and blend of color in his stained glass work. 


Cathy Lawler

In addition to her artwork, Cathy is also a Massage Therapist / Holistic Health Practitioner and author of the book Girls Gotta Surf: Entry Level - White Water Queen. Her previous career as a Computer Programmer/Systems Analyst also demonstrates her patience and eye for detail.

Check out Cathy's book "Girls Gotta Surf"

Allow Us to Help You Set Your Imagination Free

Please visit our Photo Gallery and browse through some examples of our wide variety of stained glass art canvases and designs. Then imagine how YOUR vision, your memory of a special time or place in your life, your dream, can be captured and transformed into a magical piece of art. 

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